Our church has been blessed for many years with a strong music ministry, and two of the important components to that work are our worship leader, Andrew Follett, and our rhythm section which consists of Adam Pride on the guitar, Fred Freeman on the bass, John Best on the drums and Matt Barnard on the piano.

Over the years of playing and worshiping together, all five of these men found that playing on Sundays just wasn’t enough. They formed a band called City on a Hill (Matthew 5:14) and began playing anywhere they could—from coffee houses to other churches to Long Creek, the youth correctional facility in South Portland.

Adam and Matt have been a songwriting duo for almost ten years, and the band has three studio albums recorded to date. They all feel blessed to be able to do what they love doing for God’s purposes… and WE feel blessed to have them as part of our worship!

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Open the Eyes of My Heart